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What is Whiz?

Whiz is a platform where you can have your questions answered by real people in real time. You can switch between being a customer and a provider by the click of a button.

Being a Provider

As a provider you pick all the categories you are good in. You make yourself available by the click of a button and once someone asks a question that you know the answer to, you connect to help them and get paid while doing it.

Being a Customer

As a customer, you pick a topic, ask your question and in under two minutes, you connect with a skilled provider who will work with you until your problem is solved.


The first five minutes of chat can be free. So you can feel out the service and if you like it, you continue. If not you end it and connect with a different provider at no cost to you.

Limited Time

For a limited time, we are giving new users a $5 credit. And if you invite someone to join (via the app) you receive an additional $1.


We're looking for beta testers to use and test out Whiz first! If you are interested, sign up*.

* We promise to never send you spam! :)