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What we do

We create complete software solutions for web and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), for the platforms iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Android, and Web.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored apps for your business. We create the best mobile integrated solutions for the systems and strategy of your company.

Website Mobilization

We create the best mobile strategy for your website. Extrapolates the web limits and reach your audience also on smartphones and tablets.

Website Development

We create a beautiful, engaging, social, and functional website for your business, blog, professional portfolio, or e-commerce. We can integrate with existent data and systems to show your relevant information online.

Mobile App Development

We create fantastic mobile apps for all major platforms, with great and impactful design, connected with your systems or websites. We also create games, VR/AR experiences, and mobile commerce.

Startup Prototypes

We hear your idea, think together to improve it, lean it and adapt it to a mobile app format. We created a prototype within 3 days to validate the idea with your future customers.

CACIRA Products

Apps designed for specific market segments, already established, to meet your needs as soon as possible.

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Our Portfolio

Check out some of the best mobile solutions we created for our clients.


Dazzl is an exciting, fun and very informative Beauty & Fashion product social experience app. A vibrant, growing community and search engine for people who want to find out the hidden scoop on the products that help them look and feel their best, free from marketing and other hype that’s dragged down other beauty and fashion platforms in the best.


Whiz is a platform where you can have your questions answered by real people in real time. You can switch between being a customer and a provider by the click of a button. Get help or become a provider and make money on your own terms.


Neighboring is a free, exciting and fun social/financial game to trade virtual stocks of businesses around you. Discover local businesses, buy and sell stocks when the time is right, track trends in real-time, and make a lot of cash!


tradeU was created to help people get involved in the US presidential race by playing a social game, winning money, and supporting their candidate. You can earn money by strategically buying “stocks” of different candidates and selling before the prices drop and then donating part of your winnings to your candidate of choice.


Choice is a free social network that allows you to post questions, give opinions, and make decisions about everyday life. Post polls and predictions, share with friends, get them to vote, and then discuss results in real-time from anywhere.


LikeStyle is a very fun fashion app that makes life easier for fashionistas, you can publish a photo and get several fashion reviews quickly, and also give opinions and take inspiration from other users’ posts. There are thousands of fashionistas and bloggers.

Our Clients

Here you can find some of our clients, companies and people that believe in our work. And we love them and care about every project we made for them.

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