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What is Dazzl?

Dazzl is an exciting, fun and very informative Beauty & Fashion product social experience app. We have created a vibrant, growing community and search engine for people who want to find out the hidden scoop on the products that help them look and feel their best, free from marketing and other hype that's dragged down other beauty and fashion platforms in the best. Come check Dazzl out, contribute and share your knowledge!

How Does Dazzl Work?

Reading the content on Dazzl is a simple as logging in. Posting a review is also quick and easy. Simply scan a product's bar code or add a label to it, write your honest feedback both good and bad, and become an active Dazzler – a participant in a the world's coolest online fashion and beauty social experience platform. You can search by product name, hash tags and keywords. And don't forget to create your own Collection to organize your favorite beauty products!

Why Join Dazzl?

Dazzl will definitely help you discover more quality fashion and beauty choices. Chances are we will also save you money, time and frustration. Dazzl makes shopping for the things we really love amazing again. Let your new beauty journey start right here at Dazzl surrounded by new friends who share your passion!

Why Dazzl is Different

We don't hesitate to say, there's really nothing going on today quite like our platform. Do you ever feel like...

  • Whether posting on Facebook about your latest shopping adventure is a big turn off to many of your family and friends?
  • If your Instagram is ending up having too much of a focus on fashion and beauty – two subjects that many of your followers just aren't that into?
  • You are wasting too much valuable time watching YouTube videos about fashion and beauty products that are all “fluff” and incredibly light on valuable content?
  • The reviews at places like Sephora have led you astray and “tricked” you into buying a product based off of misinformation?

If any or all of these apply to you – not to mention many other good reasons – don't skip Dazzl. Dazzl is a paradise for searching for and sharing about the best products from the beauty and fashion world.