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What is Choice?

Choice is a free social network that allows you to post questions, give opinions, and make decisions about everyday life.

How does Choice work?

Post polls and predictions, share with friends, get them to vote, and then discuss results in real-time from anywhere.

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Why join Choice?

Stop stressing over decision making. Let your friends and the world help you through a free, easy to use, and fun app!

  • Amanda P.
    "A quick and fun way to make decisions right at your fingertips. I will use it daily because every day I have a hard time deciding on what to eat."Amanda P.
  • Jamie M.
    "An exciting and refreshing take on social media. I can see everyone using this to help with school, work, and life."Jamie M.
  • Patricia T.
    "I have to make choices every day. A social network to help me making better decisions is awesome!"Patricia T.
  • Daniel B.
    "I can see that Choice is gonna be my new addiction! Every day we are faced with choices from what shoes to wear or where to go for lunch."Daniel B.
  • Matt G.
    "Choice is easy to use, straight forward, and perfect for sports fans like me. I open the app all the time to check and vote on sports predictions."Matt G.