Whiz is a platform where you can have your questions answered by real people in real time. Get help or become a provider and make money on your own terms.

Whiz is an on-demand, peer-to-peer app that connects a user who has a question with a knowledgeable provider to answer their question.

The customer app consists of 14 carefully curated categories:

‣ Translation
‣ Beauty and Fashion
‣ Pets
‣ Auto
‣ Garden
‣ Electronics
‣ Apps & Software
‣ Copywriting
‣ Home Repairs
‣ Food & Beverage
‣ Tutoring
‣ Health & Fitness
‣ Life & Wellness
‣ Travel

As well as over 100 extensive topics.

* How It Works

The user starts by choosing a category and topic that best correlates with their questions. Once the user posts their question, they will choose the provider they want to help them through a list of available providers. Once they choose the provider the session begins and it lasts until the user gets their answer questioned and/or problem solved.

* Cost

Each session cost $0.99 per five minutes but the first five minutes are optionally free.

As soon as the session between the user and provider begins, a timer will keep track of the session. The user has full control on the duration of each session and can cancel the session at any time. If the session is canceled before it reaches the five-minute mark, the user can opt out of paying the $1. If the session is not canceled before the five-minute mark, a prompt will appear on the screen asking the user to cancel or continue their session. After the first 5 minutes, the app costs $1/per 5 minutes.

Session Features

Each session begins as a text conversation but at any time during the session the user can turn it into a voice or video chat. The user can also upload photos or documents to add to the conversation and better enhance the quality of the session.

* Rating

Once the session is completed the user must rate their provider, honestly, on a 5-star scale.

* Added Bonus

The user can also be the provider by downloading the Whiz Provider App.

More information, visit: http://askwhiz.io