Whiz Provider

Whiz is a platform where you can have your questions answered by real people in real time. Get help or become a provider and make money on your own terms.

Whiz is an on-demand, peer-to-peer app that connects a user who has a question with a knowledgeable provider to answer their question.

The provider app consists of 14 carefully curated categories:

‣ Translation
‣ Beauty and Fashion
‣ Pets
‣ Auto
‣ Garden
‣ Electronics
‣ Apps & Software
‣ Copywriting
‣ Home Repairs
‣ Food & Beverage
‣ Tutoring
‣ Health & Fitness
‣ Life & Wellness
‣ Travel

As well as over 100 extensive topics that the provider has to choose from. He or she should only click the topics he/she is very knowledgeable in.

* Availability

The provider can be available at any time, all he/she has to do is click a button to turn them on or off. If they are on, they will receive a notification every time a customer posts a question that falls under the topic they are knowledgeable about.

* How it works

Once the provider connects with the customer their session begins. Each session may consist of video, voice, or text chat as well as photo and documents being shared. The provider should be comfortable connecting with the customer via video or voice. The provider can cancel the session before the user if he/she chooses to.

* Payment

Each session is timed and the provider gets paid based on the length of the service. The service is $0.99 every five minutes. However, the first five minutes are optionally free so the provider may or may not get paid for any service under 5 minutes. Any service more than 5 minutes guarantees the provider will get paid for their expertise.

* Rating

Once the session is completed the provider must rate the customer, honestly, on a 5-star scale.

* Added Bonus

The provider can also use the app as a customer by downloading the Whiz User App.

More information, visit: http://askwhiz.io/provider